We're a start-up. We partner with healthcare providers to provide predictive digital healthcare, post-transplant. We develop science-based Digital Apps, called Intelligent Assistants (IA), that enable transplanted patients track their daily drug doses and doctors remotely monitor patients' drug response


Our Digital Apps are now in use on two continents, using our predictive technology and empowering patients to retain their transplanted organs for longer  whilst  helping reduce the spiralling cost of a lifetime's post-transplant healthcare

Track My Tac, our downloadable IA, can allow nearly 1 million transplanted Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients to track their twice daily dose of the anti-rejection drug Tacrolimus and gain better dosing adherence, reduce physician interaction and retain their transplanted kidneys for longer

Our Intelligent Assistants also provide AI-based coaching and monitoring to help patients maintain optimal drug dose levels

Our IA family includes TCAS and ICAS, providing in-depth monitoring and prediction of Tacrolimus and Warfarin levels for clinicians and physicians  and YellowTail, our patient focused Predictive Viewer, that links directly to patient databases. Together they serve a worldwide market that's in excess of  $1 Billion annually

By adopting our Intelligent Assistants the UK's NHS alone could save over 50,000 patient consultation hours every year whilst providing a constantly improving patient experience




Achieve better drug dose Adherence

Retain transplanted organs for longer

Keep your physician informed

Have life and be healthy

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