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Our YellowTail Intelligent Assistant is a predictive viewer that allows self monitoring patients, at home or on the move, to view their measured drug levels along with a prediction of their level at next bloods. 

Patient drug levels are also monitored automatically by our clinician focused Intelligent Assistants such as TCAS and alerts automatically generated if bloods data trends are moving adversely. 

By combining remote patient monitoring with clinician led automatic data monitoring the patient receives safer and more focused care whilst enjoying the time saving benefits of self-monitoring along with fewer clinician visits and drug levels m ore consistently within therapeutic range.

Over 40,000 potential UK NHS patients  and over 600,000 globally, will have some form of visual impairment and require ongoing assistance in visualising their key drug data.

YellowTail's voice response facility allows patients to listen to their key drug values without needing to view them. Later versions will be interactive, allowing patients to manage or repeat play-back.

For patients who also use Amazon's Alexa we have a trial YellowTail version using Alexa based data entry and commands.