How blood samples are processed right now.


Click here to watch, our Founder, Leslie'spresentation on the Digital Bloods Cycle post Covid-19

Current bloods-cycles vary between countries but all thieve time from clinicians and especially patients who find themselves on an unending treadmill of bloods followed by clinician interaction.

There has to be a better way that humanises the bloods-cycle and puts the patient at the centre of what's happening.

YellowTail is a key building block in the new joined-up digital bloods-flow. Along with our other IA's, YellowTail provides the means of viewing bloods results in an intuitive and straightforward manner, gaining its data via the FHIR health data interchange protocol.

The Future: IA's and YellowTail for patient self-monitoring.


Health-AI provides the building blocks for the new generation of digitally delivered bloods results, targeting patients-at-home who are self-monitoring with our YellowTail viewer and clinicians who are using our powerful family of IA's such as TCAS and ICAS.