TMT Patient FAQ's (Vs2.99)

Many FAQ's can be solved by selecting buttons on the Patient Data Page and then ensuring that the button is either On:


or Off:

  • Can I use European-style dates?

  • I weigh myself in lbs but my Physician uses Kilograms. Do I need to weigh myself in Kilograms too?

  • I want to use TmT to track my daily dosing only. Is this possible?

  • Do I need Microsoft Outlook to be present for sending my data to my Physician?

  • I still can't send data to my Physician even though TmT isn't displaying an error

  • I've edited my Physician's email on the Patient Data page but the new address doesn't show

  • These FAQ's are useful but I still need more help

Sure.Use either European or US dates

Nope. Just make sure the Weight button is Off: 



Yes. Just make sure the AND button is Off:



Yes. Otherwise  you will get a TmT send error


Make sure that the Physician button is On:


Be sure to click the Validate button after entering the new address




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