our Tablet ready Tacrolimus Tracking App


If you've alighted here you're most probably a clinician or physician whose patient is taking twice daily, instant release Tacrolimus and is using TMT to help manage their daily dosing as well as track their month on month Tac levels.  To see how TMT tracks their twice daily dose regime and calculates their intra-dose drift, click here.

The optional Tableau is sent to the physician on request or at the patient's behest. The Tableau viewed will be similar to the tableau above with the latest Tac prediction and Patient's name in the centre. Bloods and other measured data are in the left hand table whilst the right hand chart shows predictions in green with values written above. The yellow lines enclose the ideal patient Tac range, settable between 5.0 and 9.0.

The red line is the ideal prescribing curve: the fastest and safest way to bring the patient's Tac level within therapeutic range. The grey line shows the Trough/Dose (TDD) value which is calculated using predicted Trough values. The TDD values shown are very low and doses relatively high suggesting that the patient may be a fast metaboliser. A yellow warning has illuminated to confirm this.

Other data in the horizontal ribbon include the patient's intra-dose timing drift (both derived and measured) and Total Time in Range with a red highlight showing that the value is <60%. Finally, Clearance Time is shown in hours (tuned to 11.4 hours for Tacrolimus).

The Tableau is designed to allow the physician to remotely monitor the patient's drug response whilst gaining a rapid and accurate view of the patient's current response to Tacrolimus. 

If your patient is using daily single dose, delayed release Tacrolimus, we are aiming to announce support for single dose Envarsus in late 2022.