Health-AI was founded by Leslie Dewhurst in early 2020 after Leslie was diagnosed with CKD and underwent an altruistic kidney transplant. Noticing that the prescribing and monitoring regime for some post-operative drugs was highly resource hungry Leslie developed TCAS, our first Intelligent Assistant using remote digital monitoring and delivery, to provide timely and accurate drug level data for physicians and patients

Now, we're an award-winning Digital Health start-up with a potential global market of over $1Billion. Our IA's are available on two continents and in patient-based trials, enabling physicians to make better dosing decisions for both anticoagulation and anti-rejection drugs whilst helping patients reduce the spiralling cost of post transplant care

TrackMyTac, our newest digital IA, allows patients-at-home or on the move to monitor their own key drug data by using a tablet or lap top. Using TrackMyTac reduces the need for time consuming clinician and physician interventions whilst providing more timely and accurate patient drug data and individual AI-based patient dose coaching

To help us move forward our ESG plans, we'll be adopting Zero Based Environmental Budgeting (ZBeeB) to help us manage and where we can, reduce our net environmental emissions

Covid-19 has slowed but not stopped us, as we've continued our development and testing work. Click here to see the results of our 1 year patient -based Track My Tac  study and here for preliminary details of YellowTail, our top-of-the-line patient IA, supporting both anticoagulation and anti-rejection drugs.

Now that we have our first IA's and users and a developing worldwide Billion $ market, it's time for us to step out and make our first capital raise.

Click here to register for our Seed capital raise.

And click here for more on why Leslie founded Health-AI.